Miles Joseph



Miles is a qualified yoga teacher and Thai massage practitioner. Through a sequence of postures, or asana, coordinating breath with meditative movement, Miles aims to create space in the mind and body.

The practice of Thai massage is holistic, a whole body treatment, following key energy lines of the body, the Sen. The recipient is positioned in a variety of yoga positions coupled with deep static and dynamic pressure. The practice is a form of meditation in action. Each treatment relies on listening to the needs of the person receiving the massage and is unique for each person. The massage is performed with fluidity and rhythm, incorporating movement and stillness, a mindful connected dance of energy between giver and receiver.

Miles has taken trained in Thai yoga massage with leading teachers – Krishnatakis, David Lutt and Kira Balaskas, all of whom trained with the late Asokananda, the founder of the Sunshine Network in Thailand.

Miles has also practices Lomi Lomi, a Hawaiian oil-based massage method, which, with its focus on listening to the inner ‘spirit body’, integrates well in its approach with Thai massage.


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