The Next Massage Shala

The Natural Shiatsu Health Clinic is running the next communal massage experience in Centre 151. It will take place on Saturday 11th January with members of the Shiatsu Volunteers and Massage Shala therapists working together.

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60 minute/ £40 Appointment session.
tel: 073 8080 6956

Please bring cash on the day and wear loose comfortable clothing.


The Natural Health Shiatsu Clinic is performed by members of the Shiatsu Volunteers and members of Massage Shala, a non-profit charity committed to the improvement of health through shiatsu. All donations go to the Charity and will support community projects, education, and research.

A health and wellbeing project in the heart of London. The project has been developed and set-up by a group of like-minded individuals with the purpose of serving the local community in their health and well-being needs, primarily through the promotion of balanced lifestyle philosophy and the use of traditional Asian medicine. Shiatsu is more than a massage, it’s a holistic approach to wellbeing using the body to bring itself back to balance with a profound effect on the nervous system.

A typical session involves stretches, gentle manipulation of joints and deep acupressure using the thumbs but feet, elbows and palms can also be used during a session. Particular pressure points and meridians are diagnosed that connect with specific organs, physiological systems and emotions relevant to the individual client. Work on these zones clears blockages and strengthens weak areas, allowing the body’s ki (energy) to flow, thereby stimulating the natural healing processes of the body and increasing vitality.

Attention is paid to the whole body including the arms, legs and head. You may be stretched, rubbed and elbows, fingers and even knees are used in the session. The treatment is usually gentle, although effects can sometimes be felt more strongly on acupressure points.

Come experience on Saturday 11th January 2020 from 12pm our shiatsu to resolve your musculo-skeletal pain as well as any internal or emotional imbalance.

We work using gentle pressure, stretches, breath and movement to allow you to drop out of your head and in your body and explore new sensations, insights, releases to feel lighter, freer, less stressed and more present and confident.
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