Massage Shala is based on the treatment rooms common in South East Asian culture, where massage practitioners and massage doctors work in a communal space divided into separate treatment areas.

Why a shared space? Being a social species, friendly contact with one another makes us happy. The shared space creates a safe and open informal atmosphere, welcoming all.

The Massage Shala is based in non-fussy, tangible bodywork and healing practices which can be seen all over Asia- from the Chinese Tui Na, to Japanese Shiatsu, to Thai Massage and beyond. Massage is the oldest and simplest of medical treatments, it works with the basic yet profound benefits of human touch.  In traditional cultures, especially in the East, it is accepted as natural that people of all ages can benefit from regular massage.

Massage Shala takes place on the first Sunday of the Month in Haggerston, Hackney.

Email therapies@centre151.com for more information.

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