Chinyere ‘Chi’ Onyewere

I discovered the world of bodywork through a knee injury which developed into a hip problem. I found conventional methods of therapy only worked in the short term. I began to get to know my body through various sports, dancing and yoga. The yoga helped me to understand the injury and heal it. Years later, with an insatiable yoga appetite and curiosity for how my body worked, I trained as a Sivananda yoga teacher and since then have learnt how to work with the body.
The various bodywork techniques I use have been acquired over the years through professional training and continued professional development (CPD). Some of them  include Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Kahuna Hawaiian, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Thai yoga,  Neuroskeletal Re-alignment therapy,  Core Fascial Release and Deep Abdominal Colon Massage. I recently returned from New Zealand where i explored Maori Bodywork and healing.
During my treatments, I draw from the relevant sources to produce a therapy tailored to suit the client. I happily place myself in the role as and enjoy an ongoing learning process.
My experiences in study, life and with clients continually encourage me to look at ailments not just physically but spiritually and mentally, whether it be massage, body alignment, energy healing, yoga or a mindful walk in the park…an individual can journey back to their innate selves and promote healing.
I enjoy giving deep meditative massages as much as working with injuries, and strongly believe in every body’s ability to change and improve, thus impacting and changing lives for the better. Having a treatment is a space for the client to simply be.

Mario de Sousa



Mario De Sousa is a Traditional Japanese Shiatsu Therapist in methods of Namikoshi and Seiki Meridian Shiatsu, also has qualification in traditional Thai Yoga & Trigger points massage.

Healing happens when the mind and body are connected to each other and to our own inner healing force.  I have found that Shiatsu is a powerful tool to activate the communication between mind, body and spirit; helping us to reach our equilibrium and natural alignment.  Shiatsu can help facilitate health, wellbeing and balance by harnessing the true power to heal: a force which always rests within you.

Stuart Thomas



Stuart is a body movement specialist with 30 years experience as a dance and martial artist. He was inducted in the martial arts Hall of Fame in 2013 for Tai Chi and Bagua.

Trained originally at London Studio Centre, he pursued training in TCM Traditional Chinese Massage Tuina 2002-2003 in China on International internship. Following this he is a qualified Thai massage therapist since 2007 trained in London.

Bilber Kaur


Bilber cropped

I am Bilber Kaur- Reiki Master Teacher. I have been offering treatments in the community of Hackney for over 6 years now and have enjoyed every minute. I am the founder of Reikieast which has introduced and provided Reiki to all regardless of income or background, regularly running taster and weekend donation, based sessions.
Reiki is a gentle yet effective healing art. Universal life force energy is used to harmonise and balance the person receiving. I also use Mindfulness and compassionate communication to empower the people I serve.

Sigita Kazdailyte



Thai Massage is a path. A path of Life.
Thai Massage is an art. An art of touch.
Thai massage is a meditation. A meditation in movement.
Thai massage is about listening. Listening with your Heart.

Sigita started her Thai Massage journey in 2013 training with Ralf Marzen.  She has continued to deepen her practice with further training in London and Thailand, studying with renowned teachers Kira Balaskas, Bob Hadid, Ajahn Sinchai and Jack Chaiya.

Sagita loves the dynamic approach to Thai Massage, which she sees as a graceful dance between giver and receiver.   She is aware of the subtleties of the human body and tailors her approach accordingly.

Sigita’s highly recommended treatments are a head-to-toe experience, which will leave you totally relaxed.

Kristi Lewis



Blending thai massage,craniosacral therapy and functional movement patterning with visceral(organ)/vascular(blood)/neural(nerve) osteopathic techniques, sessions are customized to the individual with a special focus on the nervous system. Whether you are in need of deep relaxation or an athlete with a specific training goal, come and experience a comprehensive approach to holistic health.

Gill Croft



Gill has been practicing and teaching Shiatsu and Qi Gong for 20 years. She is qualified in Auricular, Body and Facial Revitalization Acupuncture and trained in Medical Qi Gong and Tui na; the knowledge of which she uses to tailor each session to the individual for maximum benefit.

Gill is offering Shiatsu treatments from 12-3pm.  From 3-4pm Gill will be offering Ear Acupuncture sessions for £10 – this will be a multi-person session sitting in chairs.

Louis Divine



Louis is a professional massage therapist, teacher and consultant specialising in Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Indian Head Massage. He’s highly skilled with a confident, relaxed approach that always puts you at ease – helping to overcome the aches, pains, stresses and strains of modern life. He treats stiff and aching muscles, alleviates the symptoms of stress, helps maintain a healthy immune system and stimulates the natural flow of energy – bringing a sense of balance and harmony to your whole being.

Louis first discovered his passion for therapeutic massage through his deep love of yoga after completing his yoga teacher training at Triyoga. He has a wide range of experience as a professional massage therapist and has trained for over 500 hours in Chang Mai (Nuad Bo Rarn Level I – 4), Amsterdam and London where he teaches several courses, including the Thai Yoga Massage Diploma, at the London School of Massage.

He’s also a Professional Member of The Complimentary Therapists Association. For more information check out – W: IG: senergize_louis_divine

Robert Peirce



Rob’s style of bodywork is a creative and intuitive formula that has evolved over 13 years into a bespoke restorative therapy that acts as the perfect support to your daily life or yoga practice. Through deep pressure and energetic techniques it resolves and prevents many of the problems that hinder life on and off the mat. Each session is a blend of OsteoThai, abdominal massage and Zen Shiatsu which all work together to form a unique and contemporary massage. Rob works at the intersection of many eastern and western disciplines, utilising deep pressure and manipulation to relieve pain and dissolve tension and stiffness.

Rob has been blessed to live, work and study across the length and breadth of Asia and Europe with some of the world’s premier bodywork teachers. He has practiced yoga since the 90s and bodywork since 2001. He continues to deepen his spiritual practices and develop his technical skills through yoga, meditation, travel and healthy conscious living.

Sara Le Turcq



‘I aim to provide the conditions in which healing and growth can occur, according to each patient’s specific journey’.

With a background in Ballet, Sara has been practicing massage for over 10 years. She has experienced herself a wide range of body and psychotherapy techniques as well as training in Swedish massage, Shiatsu and Structural therapy.  Sara works with Family Constellations on a one-to-one basis.

Sara incorporates Swedish massage with Shiatsu in her treatments.  Swedish massage is an oil massage using fluid rhythmic strokes to release and relax the muscles.  Shiatsu uses gentle pressure and manipulation to improve the body’s energy flow according to the principles of Chinese medicine.   Sara also offers Structural Therapy, which is a set protocol of 10 treatments.  The first treatment can be experienced as a taster session.

 Sara uses a gentle touch during her treatments. Despite this gentle approach, the session is a deep one, working at the interface between the physical and emotional body.