Charlotte Seirberg

FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION (student practitioner)

ConnectingVibes, 2007

Charlotte Seirberg is a movement educator and mindfulness teacher with over 11 years experience. She is also Feldenkrais Practitioner (student teacher), and she is currently in the process of completing the hands-on aspect of the 4-year Feldenkrais training called Functional Integration®.

Functional Integration®

Feldenkrais® individual sessions are called Functional Integration®. The practitioner guides you using gentle, none-invasive touch as a way of communicating with you and your nervous system. You will get a sense of how you organise your body and actions/movements. Together we will explore your movement habits and discover new possibilities, which can be more efficient, comfortable and useful to you.

This is an embodied learning process, with an emphasis on rapport and respect for your abilities, qualities and integrity. Together we create a mindful learning environment, where you can learn in safety and comfort. In the session, you will be fully clothedeither in sitting, standing or lying on a mat. Small props will be used to ensure your comfort or to make a movement easier, or to bring more clarification to a particular movement.

After a session, you may noticed that unnecessary tension has been dissolved. Another discovery could be you are feeling more grounded, calmer and happier, perhaps you are breathing more fully which makes you

feel less anxious. Saying that you may be going about your daily activities, performance or work with more ease, lightness and joy.

Who is it for?Individual lessons are for anyone wishing to recover physical abilities, ease stress, tension and anxiety, find relief from chronic pain and fatigue, restore mobility, refine movement skills, improve breathing and posture.


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