Chinyere ‘Chi’ Onyekwere


Just as we as individuals are an expression of location, experience, upbringing and inherent nature, “focused bodywork” is an expression of the things I have learned about bodywork and healing over time. Especially the things that resonate for me and my clients.

I discovered the world of bodywork through a knee injury, which much much later, I found out began in my hip! Conventional methods of therapy only worked in the short term, so I began to get to know my body through various sports, dancing and yoga. Yoga helped me to understand the injury and improve it, slowing learning and feeling how I inhabit my body. Years later, with an insatiable yoga appetite and curiosity for how my body workeed, I trained as a Sivananda yoga teacher and since then have been learning how to work with the body.

The various bodywork techniques I use have been acquired over the years through professional training and continued professional development (CPD). Some of them include Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Kahuna Hawaiian, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Thai yoga, Neuroskeletal Re-alignment therapy, Core Fascial Release, Deep Abdominal Colon Massage and, Mirimiri and Romiromi (some elements of Maori Bodywork and healing). The learning process is ongoing. My experiences in study, life and with clients encourage me to see the presentation dis-ease in an individual as an interesting interplay between the body mind and spirit.

I enjoy giving deep meditative massages as much as working with injuries and alignment. I strongly believe in every body’s ability to change and improve and heal. So tell me, what brings you here today? What would you like us to work on together?


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