Sigita Kazdailyte



Thai Massage is a path. A path of Life.
Thai Massage is an art. An art of touch.
Thai massage is a meditation. A meditation in movement.
Thai massage is about listening. Listening with your Heart.

Sigita started her Thai Massage journey in 2013 training with Ralf Marzen.  She has continued to deepen her practice with further training in London and Thailand, studying with renowned teachers Kira Balaskas, Bob Hadid, Ajahn Sinchai and Jack Chaiya.

Sagita loves the dynamic approach to Thai Massage, which she sees as a graceful dance between giver and receiver.   She is aware of the subtleties of the human body and tailors her approach accordingly.

Sigita’s highly recommended treatments are a head-to-toe experience, which will leave you totally relaxed.


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