Paul Brumwell

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My first contact with bodywork was being healed of severe back pain in Glastonbury festival in 1992. My curiosity was tweaked, so I studied Aromatherapy and Holistic massage in 1992, followed by Thai Massage in 1995. I have returned annually to Chiang Mai since that first trip, studying for longer periods as an apprentice to Masters; going deeper with the techniques and feeling the energy of the body, and energy blocks.

My study of yoga and qi gong over the last 20 years has deepened my insight into Thai Massage and the energetic body.  In the last few years, I have concentrated on abdominal work with the Chinese abdominal massage of Chi Nei Tsang, which is a very powerful tool which remove the emotional energy blocks causing dis-ease in the body.

Paul has practiced professionally in clinics, resorts and Yoga Retreats in UK, Spain, India, Thailand & New Zealand over the past 23 years.


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